We will care for each pet as if it were our own.

Routine Health Care

We recommend yearly physical exams on all pets. Young pets will need to be seen more frequently because they are growing and changing rapidly. Many pet health problems can be prevented with these routine pet exams. If problems are found, treatment options and costs will be discussed. We send reminders for yearly physical exams, routine vaccines, and laboratory testing.

Routine Health Care

Neutering / Spaying

We recommend spaying or neutering all pets not used for breeding. This will provide you with a healthier pet and a better companion. You will need to set up an appointment for surgery. At that time, information about cost, care, and hospital stay will be addressed.



Our animal hospital is fully equipped to provide in hospital testing for many routine blood test such as CBC, chemistries, feline leukemia/feline aids testing, heartworm screening, lyme disease diagnostics, ehrilichiosis screening, pregnancy verification and brucellosis testing. Results for many tests will be ready within minutes. We provide x-ray services, ultrasound, urinalysis, fecal exams for parasites, electrocardiogram, and cytology. We also send some blood work or biopsies to outside laboratories when needed.



We are proud to offer pet acupuncture at our animal hospital! Acupuncture can be a great alternative way of treating common pet ailments such as lameness. It's drug free option for your pet, or another avenue to explore if your pet is not responding well to medications.



Our modern surgical facilities are well equipped to perform all minor and most major surgeries. Gas anesthesia is available, as well as intravenous fluids and other support therapy. Pre-anesthetic screening is recommended, and sometimes required for at-risk pets. Your pet will be monitored carefully before, during, and after surgery.

Surgery Room


Preventative dental care is highly recommended. If necessary, we offer cleaning and extractions, usually done under short-acting general anesthesia. We also carry a line of prescription food that aids in keeping your cat's and dog's teeth healthy.

Dental Care


Please call the office at (207) 873-2759 for our current hours.

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